Dick Clark's Financial Network
Source: U.S. House of Reprsentives, Payola and Other Deceptive Practices in the Field of Broadcasting
hearings before the Select Sub-Committee on Legilative Oversight of the on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
86th Congress, second session Washington, D.C. GPO, 1960)p. 125f

Clark Enterprises before Divestiture

Chart 2 Key

A to Q 1 to 10 Lines

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A.  American Broadcasting Company
B.  Triangle Publications, Inv  WFIL
C.  Click Corporation 100% Clark
D.  Drexel Television Productions  Inc - 100% Clark
E.  This Week Magazine -  February Corporation
F.  Columbia Pictures Inc (Gidget) -  12% (Drexel Films)
G. Arch Music Co., The January Music Corp, Sea-Lark Enterprises, Inc, Globe Record Corp, Kincord Music Corp. - 100% Clark
H.  February Corporation, March Productions Corporation, Drexel Films, Drexel Pictures, Drexel Shows, Rosho Corporation - 100% Clark
I..  Columbia Pictures, Inc "Because They Are Young" - Drexel Pictures
J.   Swan Record Corp., ( Bar Music Inc.)*, (Request Music Inc)*., Anita Presing Corp - 50% Clark- 25% Mammarella-25%-Bernard Binnick
K. Am-Par Record Corp, Random House, Inc, Look Magazind etc - Rosho
L.  Photo-Play Magazine, GAC Super Productions Inc - Dick Clark Caravan of Stars etc - March Productions
M. Jamie Record Company - Clark, Sam Hodge, Harold Lipsius , Harry Finfer - 25% each
N.  Post-Grad Products, Inc - Clark, Mammarella, Lowe, Charles D. Reeves, Ross Bagdasarian, Jim Bennett, Frank Lualdi, Griffith & Shedler, Marvin Josephson         - Hair Dressing - Reorganized October, 1959
O.  Mallard Pressing Corp. - Clark 50%, Bernard Lowe - 50%
P.  Chips Distributing Corp - Clark 1/3, Bernard Lowe 1/3, Harry Chipetz 1/3
Q.  SRO Artist - Clark 25%, Al Wilde 75%

1 - 4   Clark
5  Clark - Mammerella et al
6  Clark - Wilde
7  Clark - Lowe - Chipetz
8  Clark - Lowe
9  Clark - Hodge - Lipsius -Finfer
10  Clark - Mammarella - Binnick

Single Connecting Line - Propriety Interest
Double Line - Contractual Interest
(    )* - Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Company under which listed

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