Early Sixties Pop

blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Dion DiMucci blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Four Seasons blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Roy Orbison
blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Gene Pitney blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Del Shannon blueredball.gif (900 bytes) Neil Sedaka
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While the Girl Groups were making consistently great records, their male counterparts were having a harder trim defining their style and place in the early sixties. In contrast to the relatively unified front presented by the girl groups, the male singers and groups were widely scattered across the stylistic spectrum between the extremes of teen idol pop and mainstream respectability and artless garage band thrashing. Only a handful of pop singers and groups stood out from the pack with distinctive personal styles and voices, most notably Roy Orbinson, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Dion, Neil Sedaka, Del Shannon and Gene Pitney, - a great collection of pop voices that covered the gamut from the resonant depth of Roy Orbison to the blissful shriek of Frankie Valli's falsetto.