Other Rockabillys

              Sam Phillips could only sign and record a few of the rockabillys that turned up at his Sun Studios, often unannounced. Here are a few of the others.

 burnett_johnny.jpg (6020 bytes)
Johnny Burnette 
  cochran.jpg (119796 bytes)
Eddie Cochran
charlie-feathers.jpg (128387 bytes) 
Charlie Feathers

 dale-hawkins.jpg (66946 bytes)
Dale Hawkins

nelson.jpg (69960 bytes)
Ricky "Rick" Nelson

billy-lee-riley.jpg (7333 bytes)
Billy Lee Riley 

jack-scott.jpg (116718 bytes)
Jack Scott    

 vincent_two.jpg (4505 bytes)
Gene Vincent 

            Female Rockabillys

jean-chapel.jpg (7100 bytes)
Jean Chapel

cordell-jackson.jpg (16933 bytes)
Cordell Jackson

wandajackson.jpg (5409 bytes)
Wanda Jackson

brenda-lee.jpg (195111 bytes)
Brenda Lee

janis-martin.jpg (6945 bytes)
Janis Martin

barbara-pittman.gif (7344 bytes)
Barbara Pittman

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